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Real-time insights require an end-to-end solution.

An effective data-in-motion solution provides the right tools to ingest, process, and serve data while maintaining security. A weak link at any point in this data value chain can sever an organization’s ability to derive insights from their data. Cloudera’s leadership in each of these categories has helped customers across industries build better businesses.


Continuous streaming of real-time data from anywhere in the network, including from lightweight edge nodes powered by open-source software. Best-in-class partners provide a rich visual user interface.


Apache Spark Streaming provides the strongest processing engine available in open-source software. Cloudera’s unique experience integrating Spark into the Hadoop ecosystem provides a seamless experience.


A broad set of choices means your data is served efficiently and quickly to suit your use case: Apache Solr’s natural language search, Apache Kakfa’s high-throughput distributed messaging, Apache HBase’s fast NoSQL access, or a combination of batch analysis and real-time streaming through Apache Kudu.

Ingestion: Collecting the Data

With interest in real-time use cases surging, data ingestion has been pushed to the forefront of the big data and IoT conversation. Cloudera has worked with hundreds of customers to successfully deploy lightweight Apache Flume agents on edge nodes, which integrate with Apache Kafka’s streaming data channel. For customers interested in a rich visual interface to manage the ingestion process, we’ve developed tight partnerships with the market’s best-in-class tools.

View Cloudera Demo on Real-Time Ingestion

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Processing: Unlock the Value at Speed

Processing is a critical component of any big data solution, as evidenced by the ascension of Apache Spark within the Hadoop Ecosystem. When it comes to data-in-motion, Spark Streaming is the clear choice for both performance and reliability. With Cloudera, you get not only Spark Streaming, but also the expertise acquired from continuing to lead Spark’s integration into the broader Hadoop Ecosystem.

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Serving: Inject Data into Real Time Decisions

The best ingestion and processing are inconsequential if the data can’t be served in a timely manner that fits the use case. CDH, the industry-leading Hadoop distribution, ensures you have the right tool for the job, delivering data to decision makers and automated processes in real-time. Cloudera’s experts can guide you through these decisions, and our engineering prowess means your data is fast, easy, and secure.

Integrated Full-Text Search with Apache Solr

High-Performance Distributed Data Store with Apache HBase

High-Throughput Distributed Messaging with Apache Kafka

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